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is avril quitting music for movies?

Is Avril Quitting Music For Movies?

(KP International) Angst-ridden rocker Avril Lavigne may be making room for a budding film career.



"I've had a singing career for five years," said the 21-year-old Napanee, Ontario-native. "I'm ready to try out new stuff and have some fun."

Not too long ago the 'Sk8er Boi' singer said she wanted to do double-duty and to tackle both acting and singing simultaneously. "I want to focus on both singing and acting," she said. "I'd love to go further. I think it's important for me to do it the right way and be smart about it and wait for the right parts in the right movies. I want to start off small and warm up. I wouldn't want to just throw myself into a big part."

Sounds like her tune has changed as Lavigne expressed interest in a Oscar-winning type of role. "I like more serious roles. I can see myself in something like 'Girl, Interrupted,'" said Lavigne of the movie that won Angelina Jolie her Oscar. "I would enjoy doing a film on the darker side, something serious with depth. I'm good at expressing myself and getting all my emotions out."

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